Any three carpets cleaned for just £49.99 + vat based on single standard sized rooms.


Can we briefly explain that there are two types methods of carpet & cleaning commonly used, dry cleaning or hot water extraction cleaning, commonly known as steam cleaning, extraction cleaning is the method used by 99% of cleaning companies today. However for the best results by far is the use of a truck mounted extraction machine. These machines are mounted into the vans and hoses are run into your property, the reason for this is it’s the most powerful carpet cleaning machine on the market to date. This is the only way you are 100% guaranteed to extract ALL harmful bacteria, fungus, and general grime & debris that the portable extraction system, used by most companies, is unable to extract due to the pure lack of power. Upon our arrival we will inspect the carpets to be cleaned and establish the best cleaning solution to apply, we will then move any moveable furniture where possible making sure we reach every part of the carpet as possible. We will then, unlike most companies, pre spray the carpets first with the relevant solution. This will break down ALL ground in bacteria, debris and dirt, then following on through with the truck mounted extraction system leaving your carpets with the best possible results and far dryer than any portable method keeping drying time to a minimum.


Due to the fact that fabric is far MORE delicate than any carpet, it is extremely important to make sure you only use experienced professionals when it comes to the cleaning of your upholstery. There are so many different types of fabric you need somebody that is highly trained to know which method of cleaning your fabric requires.

The most common method to gain best results for fabrics is again examine the fabric, and again pre-spray with the correct solution and fully agitate this deep into the fabric paying particular attention to the head and arms rest, we will then follow with a high powered extraction machine using the necessary solution with a special hand held tool to enable the operator to ensure every part of the fabric is accessed


For all leather furniture we strongly advise you to have it cleaned at least once a year, in doing so you will prevent the leather from drying out and causing fine lines and cracks to appear. (This can occur more in the winter months as the heating will dry out the leather which can also cause the leather to harden).

Subject to pre inspection we would generally start by applying the top quality leather cleaner which will remove all the dirt and dust from the whole of the upholstery. Once this process has been completed we then apply the leather conditioner which will be applied to penetrate deep into the leather. This process will help replenish all the natural oils which have been lost due to wear and tear and general use of the furniture,   therefore helping to prevent the fine lines and cracks from appearing and softening the leather once again!

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