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Vacuuming.. it’s not all about the carpet!

Love it or hate it vacuuming is one of those chores that just ‘HAS to be done’

Whether it’s  a weekly overhaul or a daily whiz round, what’s important is to not forget all the wonderful things that you can clean by vacuuming!

We often remember when we bought our Vacuum cleaner, and like many it came with nearly half a dozen different attachments that live in a compartment hidden away and rarely  used.  At a friend’s recently I realised that for so long these little gadgets had been ignored, yet in fact these could and should become my new best friends!  I sat with my coffee, whilst watching how my friend used the attachments to vacuum not just her carpets. Lampshades, Light fittings, Window sills and even the Kitchen drawers!

I couldn’t wait to get home,  and get the vacuum out.  Up until now the only attachment I had ever used, and albeit not that often was the ‘thin angled one’ (Often known as the “pinched end” attachment or “crevice tool”) perfect for inside the car where the handbrake is! This is the only attachment I have ever used. So below is a list of ways to use your vacuum attachments to ensure that not only you have a ‘CLEANER home but one with less dust as you really are removing it completely.

  • Before you start on the carpet, using the little round soft brushed attachment, you can use it to vacuum around the light fittings.
  • The same attachment can also be used for the tops of the curtains! Including the finials on those curtain poles.
  • Coving & Skirting Boards can also benefit from this tool, eliminating cobwebs and surface dust.
  • Book shelves & Books also benefit from the brush attachment, easily fits around the book covers to keep the books in their best condition.
  • Lampshades too can be a dust magnet! Using the brush or the crevice attachment, it will ensure a nice clean finish.
  • Window Sills,
  • The Crevice Tool, Pinched End or the thin angled one,  is great for corners and edges.
  • A quick kitchen fix for the cutlery drawer simply lift out the cutlery, and with the crevice tool vacuum up the crumbs!
  • Use the crevice tool for shoe shelves, wardrobes and even clothing drawers when spring cleaning.
  • Mattresses will benefit greatly from a regular vacuum, to remove dead skin, hair, dust mites etc.
  • Refrigerator Coils. Whilst this may be a job done once in a blue moon, by vacuuming the coils behind your fridge, will reduce energy costs and make you r appliance work more efficiently.

In fact I am sure that there are plenty more things in your home that could benefit with being vacuumed rather than being ‘wiped’  Remember whilst  regular vacuuming is important  to remove the majority of dirt and irritants, Regular carpet cleaning is also a great way of keep in your carpet looking better for longer, and removes dirt that even vacuuming cannot do.

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